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Q.  Where is the class held and how can I go to your place?

A.   The class is held at my house. Please come to Hida Furukawa station by 10:00.  My staff will pick you up and come to my house.  It is best to take the 9:40 train from Takayama to Hida Furukawa. If you would like to make tit earlier or later, please let me know.


Q. How can I book the class?

A. Please send us necessary information through email. You can find my contact in "Contact".  Please note my class is available everyday but depends on my other jobs i.e. English teacher for kids.  The class starts from 10 a.m. and ends at around 1:30 p.m.


Q. How many people can book the class?

A. Max. 6 people.


Q. In which language does Yoko teach?

A. I teach the class in English.  Although I have lived most of time in Hida, I have been to Australia many times and stayed there for a certain period of time every time I went there.  So I am confident in my English skill, especially when I talk to Australians!!


Q.  Are you a professional chef?

A.  I am not a professional but I know how to make home - made dishes very well. I will do my best to teach the essence of local food in Hida and hope you take this class as a more relaxed, fun, cultural experience.    


Q.  Is it possible to book only one person?

A.  Of course. But please note this is a group lesson so others may join on the same date. If you would like a private lesson, please refer to the class info.


Q.  What about vegetarian?

A.  I teach how to make local food which has been made for a long time in countryside. So actually all the meals we make are meat-free.  


Q.  What about gluten-free?

A.  Currently I cannot offer gluten-free cooking class but will try to develop one. Apologize for inconvenience.


Q.  How do I pay the class fee?

A.  I will send the credit card payment information in our reply to your email.  I ask for our guests to pay in advance. Thank you for your understanding.  


Q.  What is your cancellation policy?

A.   Cancellation policy is as follows.

More than 1 week before: 100% refund

2-6 days before:                  80% refund

1 day before:                       50% refund

On the date (or no show): No refund


Q.  Is taking photo allowed in your class?

A.   Yes!













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